Laadbak Karsmakers Alu-Bordwande Hardholz-Boden.

Prix demandé :€ 1.450
Lieu: Mac Arthurweg 2
Modèle: Alu-Bordwande Hardholz-Boden.
Année de fabrication: 1992
No. de Stock 70045166

Dimensions of cargo space: 741 x 253 x 57 cm

  • Extra's:
  • Chassis: staal. Vloer: hardhout. Hoogte kopschot: 80cm. Hoogte aluminium borden: 60cm.
  • Transport to the port of Belgium / Holland possible from € 250,- EUR. We can also handle worldwide shipping!<br />Trade in your vehicle! We are interested in all vehicle types, brands and years.<br />Want to visit us? We offer free pick-up service from airports or train stations.<br />Leasing possible in: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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